Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Claire's Header


Claire recently asked me to design a header for her blog.  It was super fun to make, and I want to show you how it turned out!

What do you think?  Don't forget to check it out on Claire's blog here!

Also, if you want a header like this, or a blog design, please check out my Get Your Design Page!

Your Designer,


  1. Grace~

    I really like the header you designed! Maybe you could design my new blog for me! :) Want to do an ad swap?


    1. Hi Lindsay!

      I'm glad you like the header I designed! I would love to design your new blog! Please just fill out the form on my 'Get Your Design' page. I actually don't do ad swaps on this blog; I only put the buttons of blogs I've designed up. But, since I designed your blog, I suppose I should put it up, shouldn't I? :) So, I guess if you put my button up also, it would be an ad swap! :P If you do put my button up, please say either above or below the button that I designed your blog. Thanks, and I can't wait to design for you!


  2. Grace~

    Sounds great! I'll put your button on my blog, and you can put my button on your blog! I'll be filling out the form soon!